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Badge Coding

Badge Colors

Different badge colors are used to readily identify access authorization/restrictions.

Color Purpose/Access

Allows full SIDA escort authority.


Allows full AOA escort authority.

Sterile Area Only - escort authority.
White with Red and Blue Strips Sterile Area Only - Does not have escort authority
White - Other

This ID badge does not authorize or provide access to the Sterile Area, the SIDA, or the AOA. In the area on the badge designated for the special access letters will be the statement “NO CHECKPOINT ACCESS”. This ID does not have escort authority.

Blue LEO/LEP (with agency seal)

Armed Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) with regular assigned duties at the airport requiring access to all areas of the airport and allows full escort authority.

Blue HAS Employee

Issued to Houston Airport System (HAS) employees only. This ID has full Escort Authority.


Does not have escort authority.

Special Access Codes

In addition to badge colors, additional letter codes are used to readily identify special access authorization/ restrictions.

Code Purpose/Access
B Customs / FIS / International Ramp / Building
D AOA Drivers
R International Ramp
E Emergency Personnel

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