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Primary and Secondary Forms for Verifying Identification

Primary Forms of I.D.

A government issued identification card or document, written in the English language, which exhibits both the bearer’s photograph and signature and is not expired. An Intellicheck validation of all data from the ID must be performed. If the Intellicheck system is unable or unavailable to validate the applicant’s primary ID, the applicant may present an alternate Primary form of government issued identification. (SEE BELOW) Should the applicant either refuse or fail to provide a primary source of identification that may be confirmed by the Intellicheck system the applicant must leave the Airport Badging Office and renew their HAS access media at a later date when the applicant is able to obtain an approved government issued ID that is capable of being confirmed through the Intellicheck system. With Supervisor discretion a Texas Drivers License Renewal form may be accepted with an additional picture form of ID. If an applicant indicates they were born outside of the United States verification of U.S. citizenship will be determined by an official Naturalization Certificate. Non-US citizen alien status and work authorization will be verified by an Alien Registration, Refugee Travel Document or Reentry Permit. All must be accompanied by Employment Authorization document.
  • U.S. State Drivers License
  • Government Issued Identification Card
  • Passport (English Language only)
  • Concealed Handgun Permit
  • Military ID Card
  • Original Birth Certificate with visible seal accompanied with a picture ID.

Secondary Forms of I.D.

The following forms of identification will be used as supporting documents in addition to the Primary Form of identification listed above and if applicable, not expired.

  • Original or Certified copy of original birth certificate
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Alien Registration, Refugee Travel Document and Reentry Permit must be accompanied by Employment Authorization document.
  • Photo ID Card issued by applicants employer
  • Social Security Card (Must always be provided for 1 st time Alien applicants), number may be verified by Signature Authority
  • Social Services ID Card
  • Voter’s Registration Card
  • Temporary Drivers License issued by another State Government
  • Temporary ID Card issued by U.S. Government (Federal/State/County/City)
  • Other non-photo government issued ID Cards. (FAA Certificates, License, Permits, etc)

Non-Acceptable forms of I.D.

The following types of ID cards are not acceptable as a secondary form of identification because verification of the individual is not required for issuance of the card.

  • Membership Cards of any type (Library, Astroworld, Sam’s Club, etc.)
  • Credit or Debit Cards / Utility Bills
  • Private Auto/Health insurance cards
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