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US Customs

Badge applicants requiring access to U.S. Customs and Immigration areas (e.g. Terminal D Customs Hall) must complete a Customs application and have it approved by U.S. Customs, in addition to the paperwork required by the HAS Badging Office.

If you are a new badge applicant, your Customs application will be initiated after you complete the fingerprint process. For existing badge holders, the Airport Badging Office will review your status before referring you to Customs.

This section gives you information regarding:

Required Forms

All applicants are required to present the following completed forms. These forms are available from the Airport Badging Office.
  • Customs Form 3078 (Application For Identification Card):
    No photo is required.
  • Security Access Request Form:
    Completed by employer and signed by an authorized person (the authorized person must have a signature on file with the City/Houston Airport System). The application must specify the required information such as job description alone with the type of access needed/requested.
  • City/Houston Airport System Forms:
    You will need to bring your HAS Badge Application Forms. The Airport Baging Office will provide you with the paperwork required during the badging process and refer you to Customs at the appropriate time.

What You Need To Bring

The application process requires two (2) major forms of identification:
  • State issued ID card or Driver's License; AND one of the following:
    • Social Security Card
    • Active Military ID card
    • Medical card displaying social security number

Foreign Born Applicants

If a foreign born applicant IS a U.S. citizen, he/she will need to present at least one of the following original documents listed below:
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • U.S. Passport
  • DOD Certificate for birth of U.S. citizen born to military parent(s)
If a foreign born applicant IS NOT a U.S. citizen, he/she will need to present at least one of the following original documents listed below:
  • I-551 Resident Alien Card
  • Form I-688 Employment Authorization

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