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Badge Status

Lost/Stolen Badge

Lost or stolen ID badges shall be reported immediately to the Airport Badging Office and will be replaced only after the person to which it was issued files a written Lost/Stolen Badge Report explaining the circumstances leading to the loss or theft.

Click on the link below for a copy of the Lost/Stolen Badge Report Form.

The replacement administrative fee for lost or stolen ID badges are as follows:

        $16.00 for the Badge PLUS 
  • $100.00 for the first replacement
  • $150.00 for the second replacement
  • $200.00 for the third replacement

The following procedure shall be followed:
  • Call the Airport Badging Office immediately upon discovery that your badge is lost or stolen
    • – IAH ABO -281-230-3212
  • Notify your HAS Authorized Signature of the lost/stolen badge
  • Complete and sign a Lost/Stolen Badge Report
  • Complete and sign the Badge Renewal Application Form
  • Mark the Application as a "Lost" or "Stolen" at the top of the Form
  • See the General Badging Process section

Terminated Badge Holder

The Houston Airport System, airport tenants, and each badge holder will be jointly responsible for control and accountability of ID badges.

When a badge holder's work is completed/reassigned at the Airport, or upon termination of employment, the Employer (Tenant, Contractor) shall immediately notify the Airport Badging Office of the status change.

Additionally, the Employer is responsible for obtaining/confiscating the badge and immediately returning the physical badge to the Airport Badging Office (within 48 hours of the termination)for accounting and shredding.

The following procedure shall be followed by the Tenant/Employer:
  • Obtain/confiscate the badge upon termination, completion, or work reassignment
  • Call the Airport Badging Office immediately to report the badge holder's termination or reassignment
    • IAH ABO  - 281.230.3212 (After hours – 281.230.1300)
  • Notify your HAS Sponsor/Authorized Signature of the termination or reassignment
  • Return the physical badge to the Airport Badging Office immediately

Expired Badge

The badge holder and their Employer are responsible for renewing the badge prior to the expiration date.

The badge is deactivated on the expiration date, however, the badge holder information remains valid for 30 days for re-badging after expiration date. If the badge expired more than 30 days prior, renewal requires re-application and re-fingerprinting as if you were a new badge applicant.

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