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Badging Policies / Procedures - IDF Access

All Information Technology equipment rooms (i.e. MDF, IDF rooms) shall be secured by card reader access.

Access to these areas are managed by the Assistant Director of Technology Infrastructure, or his designee.

The following section describes policies and procedures specific to IDF and Computer Room access.

Permanent Access Privileges

IT Personnel:

Access permission to IT equipment rooms shall be limited to those personnel who are directly responsible for maintaining, configuring, and/or administrating IT components contained with the respective room. This includes personnel from HAS IT, IAH Technical Systems, HOU Technical Systems, tenant IT reps (limited to those rooms containing the respective tenant's equipment), and telco providers such as AT&T, MCI, etc. (limited to telco demarcation points only).

IT components/applications include:
  • Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Data/LAN/WAN equipment & servers
  • Flight Information Display System (FIDS)
  • Public Address System
  • Structured Cabling
  • Television Distribution
  • Telephone
  • Radio Communications
ii. Airport Operations Personnel: Access permission to IT equipment rooms shall also be granted on a permanent basis to the Airport Operations sections for the purposes of escalation of emergency situations. However, Airport Operations personnel are required to contact the IT Help Desk to discuss the nature of the emergency prior to granting access to any third party(ies).
  • b. Temporary Access Privileges:
i. Access will granted to IT equipment rooms on a temporary, as-needed basis to resolve work order/trouble ticket/inspection tasks. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Airport maintenance personnel (electrical, PPM, etc.)
  • Airport service contractors (HVAC, Lighting, etc.)
  • HAS/PDC Inspectors
  • Construction Contractors
  • Consultants
ii. Temporary access privileges will be granted based on the justification to access components contained within the IT equipment rooms on a routine basis. In general, HAS will not grant permanent access to IT equipment rooms based on occasional access requirements (i.e. preventive or remedial maintenance of supporting systems such as electrical, lighting, etc.). However, temporary access will be granted upon request for limited durations to perform the necessary work.

iii. Temporary access privileges will be granted to construction contractors and/or consultants for very limited durations pending justification of work scope and schedule approved by HAS-IT. Contractors/consultants should be aware that HAS desires to substantially limit access to these areas, therefore work schedules should reflect every possible effort to perform work outside of IT equipment rooms as long as possible. Temporary access should only be requested when work must be performed inside the actual IT equipment room(s).

iv. Temporary Access will be granted in limited blocks of time, generally up to but not longer than 2 consecutive weeks. Longer access MUST be documented with detailed task lists, and be incorporated into overall construction look-ahead schedules. Assigned HAS-IT project rep should be aware of the request and able to corroborate the access requirement. Access must be for active design or construction installation activities performed in consecutive working days. Ongoing or "rolling" access privileges will not be granted in lieu the work scheduling requirement.

  • c. Access By Escort Only: i. Access privileges will not be granted to non-Information Technology personnel who could potentially cause damage to the equipment or components contained within the IT equipment rooms due to the nature of the work (cleaning solutions or machines, etc.).

I. Prepare access request containing the following information. Access requests must be submitted by an HAS employee, tenant employee, or extension of HAS staff (i.e. construction management firm, etc.). Requests from third parties will not be accepted.
1. Identify IT equipment room(s)

2. Define need to access room(s) (HAS or tenant project number, description of actual tasks to be completed) 3. Estimated duration and requested dates. Construction and operational personnel are expected to schedule their work in IT equipment rooms to minimize access duration.

4. Impact of tasks to be performed. State impact to active and passive components contained within the respective IT equipment room(s) (i.e. service interruption to IT equipment or supporting facilities such as electrical, HVAC, access control, lighting, fire suppression.)

5. Risk factor (impact if accident occurs). State whether work will be occurring above or adjacent to active/passive IT components that could cause water, dust or debris, etc. to accumulate on or around IT components.

6. Submit request to the HAS-IT division at least one business day prior to requested access start date.

II. Submit access request to the HAS-IT division in writing. Access requests may be directed to the HAS IT Help Desk at HAS-IT will evaluate requested access, and reserves the right to request additional information and to verify the legitimacy of the request with anyone deemed necessary. HAS-IT will grant or deny access as appropriate. Requestor will be notified in writing regarding the disposition of the request.

III. HAS IT will refer requests for all non-IT equipment room portals to the respective airport badging office to complete programming. (Note: many IT equipment rooms do require "pre-requisite" access through SIDA doors, etc. Such portals will be which must be programmed by the respective badging offices.)

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