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Access Authorization

Changing Access Authorization

If you are an existing badge holder, see the table below for procedures to change current access authorized by your badge.

If you need to ... Procedure

  • Add or delete to a badge holder's access list (e.g. authorized doors), AND

  • A badge color change is NOT required

  • Notify your HAS Authorized Signature of your changed access needs

  • Your HAS Authorized Signature shall notify the ABO Manager in writing (e-mail) of the changes

  • Upon approval by the ABO Manager, your access list will be updated

  • Change the type (color) badge

  • Add or change the special access types
    (B, D, R, E)

  • Authorized Signatories:

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires ALL Authorized Signatories to complete annual recertification training . The annual training period is based on the last documented training class you attended; please remember to keep a record of your training date(s). Failure to complete the annual training requirement could result in the suspension of your Authorized Signatory status.

Access to IDFs and Computer Room

All Information Technology equipment rooms (i.e. MDF, IDF rooms) are secured by card reader access.

Granting of access to these areas will be controlled by the Assistant Director , HAS Information Technology, or designee.

Click on the link below for a copy of the Airport Operating Procedure (AOP) related to Information Technology Equipment Room Access.

Information Technology Equipment Room Access

For more information, contact the HAS IT help desk at:

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