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Badging Policies / Procedures

In accordance with Houston Airport System (HAS) policies and Federal regulations (49 CFR 1542), all airport workers (employees, tenants, contractors, etc.) must obtain and display an identification badge issued by the HAS when working on airport property.

Since the ID badge plays a key role in airport security efforts, the issuance of badges is a controlled process. ID badges will be issued only to personnel who can justify, to the satisfaction of the Airport Badging Office (ABO) and the Airport Security Coordinator (ASC), eligibility for an ID badge if a recurring need exists for access to any or all controlled access areas on the airport. If there exists a doubt as to whether an ID badge should be issued and/or access should be provided, the ID badge will not be issued and access will be denied.

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The following section describes the general badging process, badge types, badging transactions, and specific policies/procedures associated with different badge types.

Badge Holder

It is the applicant/badge holder’s understanding that the badge is, and always remains, the property of HAS and will surrender it to the Houston Airport System, immediately upon demand to Badge Holder’s employer, IAH Aviation Security & Emergency Preparedness and/or Airport Operations within 24 hours of termination of employment.

Badge Holder may also surrender badge by dropping in the US Postal Service Mail Box.


6.1.17 Accounting for ID Badges:

The sponsoring organization and the Houston Airport System are jointly responsible for control and accountability of ID Badges. However, the sponsoring organization has the primary duty to immediately notify the Badging & Access Office, or in the event that the Badging & Access Office is closed, then to immediately report the same to the Public Safety & technology Security Dispatch Center (281) 230-1300 for IAH and (713) 845-6555 for Hobby and Ellington Field, when individuals whom they have sponsored have resigned, been terminated or are no longer associated with the sponsoring organization. ID Badges of individuals no longer associated with the sponsoring organization must be returned to the Badging & Access Office or an Unaccounted-For Security Access Media Form must be completed and submitted to the Badging & Access Office with forty-eight (48) hours of resignation, termination, or ending of association.

The sponsoring organization shall remain liable for any and all damages, including, but not limited to, regulatory fines and/or penalties, contractual, equitable, or claims in tort, and/or property damage and including reasonable attorneys fees, and/or allocable internal costs, related to the investigation and/or defense of such claims or fines and/or penalties, suffered by the Houston Airport System, accruing before such ID Badge(s) are delivered to the Badging & Access Office.

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