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Badging Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions regarding the badging process, policies, and procedures.

If you do not find a answer to your question here, please feel free to call the Airport Badging Office
at 281.230.3032.

New Badge I am a new airport employee/contractor/tenant and am getting a badge for the first time?

Review the following sections:

Remember, you will need to bring two forms of identification (including a picture ID) and you will be fingerprinted and need to successfully complete a criminal history record check.

New badge processing is by appointment only. Ask your employer to schedule an appointment using the web-based appointment scheduler. Be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to appointment time.

Lost/Stolen Badge My badge was lost or stolen? [Notify Badging Office immediately]

Notify the Airport Badging Office immediately. Review the following sections:

Expired Badge My badge is about to expire or has already expired?

Review the following sections:

Damaged Badge My badge was damaged and readers do not recognize it?

Contact the Airport Badging Office (ABO) to verify badge status/condition if it is not readily apparent that the badge is damaged. The Badge  Renewal Application Form and the Lost/Stolen ID Badge Statement form must be completed and submitted to the ABO to receive a replacement badge.

IAH Badge Colors What are the new badge colors at IAH?

Review the following sections:

Change Badge I need to change my badge color and/or access?

Review the following sections:

Special Access - Customs I need access to US Customs and Immigration areas?

Review the following sections:

IDF/Computer Room Access I need access to IDF Rooms or other computer facilities?

Access for IDFs and Computer Rooms is handled by the Information Technology Division. Review the following sections:

Terminated Badge Holder A badge holder I am responsible for has terminated?

Notify the Airport Badging Office immediately. Review the following sections:

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