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Aviation Club Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why launch an aviation club?

HAS director Mario C. Diaz had a vision to launch the club during the school year of 2012 in Houston as a means to plant seeds for future generations to enter aviation and aerospace as a career.

Mr. Diaz dreamed of aviation when he was growing up in New York and found early exposure to the industry to become critical for his career path.

Many times mentors are those in the community who take time to share the knowledge and expertise they have for a field. Mr. Diaz believes that Houston’s legacy for aerospace will continue if we plant enough seeds in the hearts and minds of our young people.

Mr. Diaz says, “As a teenager, I became fascinated with aviation and I enjoy the journey I experienced as first a pilot and later as an executive for airports in three major U.S. cities. My dream is to create a Houston-based initiative geared to launching the passion for flying in the next generation of aviators and space pioneers.”

What are the criteria for who will be in the aviation club?

1. Membership is open to HISD high school students from Sterling High School or Carnegie Vanguard High School campuses in grades 9-12.

2. Students must be in good standing with a minimum GPA of 2.5.

3. Students must maintain satisfactory attendance at meetings throughout the year.

4. Students have a desire and passion for exploring post secondary educational and career opportunities in aerospace or aviation.

What is the mission of the aviation club?

• To create educational and learning experience for students that ignites an interest in aerospace careers.

• To promote interest for students in pursuing a post secondary degree in aerospace or aviation related careers at community colleges and universities with related degree disciplines.

• To support greater Houston area students’ interest in aerospace and aviation careers.

What is the structure of the aviation club?

Founded in fall 2012, the Houston Airport System will sponsor the first Aviation Clubs within two Houston area high schools with the goal of connecting students on a monthly basis and to offer learning and development opportunities to young people who share a passion for aviation.

At the time of the press conference date on October 24, 2012, the number of students expected to participate is over 60.

Who is HAS partnering with as in launches this endeavor?

HAS developed a broad collaboration of support within the community with sponsors as it opens the aviation club to young people. The first partners are the two high schools as they team up to grow interest in an important field that has a strong connection to the community nicknamed “Space City.”

Below is a list of our sponsors:

• Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
• Texas Southern University
• San Jacinto College
• Lone Star College
• Houston Independent School District (College and Career Readiness)
• Sterling High School
• Carnegie Vanguard High School
• NASA - Johnson Space Center
• Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership
• City of Houston

Why an Aviation Club?

• Will offer students the opportunity to personally connect on a monthly basis and exchange ideas with diverse and successful aviation/aerospace leaders and educators in the industry.

• Will provide students with an opportunity to work directly with mentors to foster educational growth and leadership development.

• Will offer students the opportunity to meet their peers from other high schools who share their common enthusiasm, excitement and energy for aviation/aerospace related careers.

• Will offer students enrichment opportunities with monthly field trips that will engage students in practical and hands-on experiences to become better acquainted with strategic and operational issues facing the aviation and aerospace industry.  

What will the meetings involve for curriculum?

• Students will meet for two hours on a monthly basis

• Meeting 2-hour meeting format will include three segments:

1. 1st Segment: Learning Activity 45 minutes

2. 2nd Segment: Enrichment Activity 45 minutes

3. 3rd Segment: Mentoring Activity 30 minutes

Are there any plans to expand this program to other high schools?

Yes. We wanted to start small this year and get the program off the ground with two high schools. With support from our sponsors and key stakeholders, HAS plans on expanding our program to additional Houston area high schools in the next school calendar year. 

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