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Mickey Leland International Terminal Business Opportunities





The Mickey Leland International Terminal (MLIT) Business Opportunities page will include several resources for parties interested in pursuing business opportunities regarding the project. 


IAH Terminal Redevelopment Program Procurement & Business Opportunities

Event/Program Date Presentation/Important Document Video  Sign-in Sheet Other
Industry Day - March 2014 3/13/14 Industry Day Presentation Part 1, Part 2    
Committee Meeting - April 2014 4/24/14 Committee Meeting  Term D Rendering    
City Council Presentation 5/29/14 MOA with United Airlines      
City Council Meeting - June 2014 6/18/14        
MLIT Program Definition Manual (PDM)  6/19/14 MLIT Program Definition Manual (PDM) 
(Final updated December 2014)
Industry Day - August 2014 8/20/14  Industry Day Presentation Part 1 Part 2  Sign-In  Flyer
Draft Final Utilities Master Plan
September 2014 
9/12/14  Draft Final Utilities Master Plan      
EPM Services for IAH ITRP Draft RFQ 9/17/14  Click here to download      
EPM Services for IAH ITRP Sample Contract  9/17/14  Click here to download       
Industry Day - Sept. 17 2014  9/17/14  Industry Day Presentation Part 1 Part 2  Sign-In  Flyer 
EPM-PMSS Roles & Responsibilities Draft  9/18/14  Click here to download       
Pre-Qualification Conference  10/7/14 Click here to download    Sign-In   
PMSS Pre-Proposal Conference 10/21/14  Click here to download    Sign-In   
IAH Master Plan Public Meeting 2/17/15 Click here to download Part 1 Part 2
Part 3
ITRP Industry Day 3/18/15 Click here to download    Sign-In  Flyer
ITRP Industry Day  2/23/16  Click here to download   Sign-In Flyer
Industry Day - April 14,2016 4/14/16 Click here to download   Sign-IN Flyer
FIS Renovation & Expansion 6/8/16 99% FIS Program Definition Manual (PDM)   Memo
ITRP Industry Day 12/6/16 Industry Day Presentation
Project Overview - Energy Infrastructure
  HAS Sign-IN
Energy Sign-IN
Technology Department Industry Day 4/18/17 Industry Day Presentation
  HAS Sign-IN
Infrastructure Industry Day 4/27/17 Industry Day Presentation
Energy Initiative Briefing
  HAS Sign-IN
ITRP & MLIT Industry Day - August 2017 8/24/17   HAS Sign-IN

      (Please have the latest version of Adobe Reader downloaded to view the linked documents.)

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